The World Is A Scam

This is really three topics, all related to how our whole world is a scam designed to bleed you of your money.


A number of people that I know have been paying on house insurance for awhile, suddenly a problem is found with the house, such as a decaying roof.  Suddenly, the insurance company cancels the policy and says they won’t renew it until the roof is fixed.  Isn’t it the job of the insurance company to fix it?  Isn’t this what home owners insurance is for?

It’s like when you’ve been paying on medical insurance for years and when you finally get a serious illness, the insurance company decides not to pay.  What are they for?  Or a car insurance company that refuses to pay for an accident because it’s your fault (or someone else’s fault).  Either way, this has got to stop.

This behavior is dictated by law!  As a corporation, an insurance company is legally bound to do whatever is in the best interest of the stock-holders (note that hospitals are corporations too).  This means they aren’t supposed to pay.  One possible solution is co-op insurance.  This makes the insured, owners of the insurance company and unable to show a profit.  If they take in more money than they pay, they have to give refunds or provide additional benefits.  Wouldn’t the big insurance companies hate it if the government helped fund insurance co-ops?  As it turns out, this was included in Obama Care, but the funding was cut and this section of the bill remains unimplemented like many of the other useful parts of the bill.  We stuck with the chafe.

Prison Pipeline

Our school to prison pipeline is out of control.  Federal law states that its illegal to force prisoners to work without pay as this is against anti-slavery laws.  Here in Texas, that’s exactly what happens … and inmates have to pay their own way for just about everything from Deoderant to $100/yr doctor fees … and of course you can’t get the simplest of over-the-counter medications without seeing the doctor.  A $3 box of antihistamines will cost a prisoner $100, paid for out of the gifts sent by families.

The state gets away with it stating that prisoners get a time credit for their work.  How is this if you don’t get to go home when your time credit hits 100% of your time.  They don’t have to let you go until your “flat time” (your day-for-day time) hits 100%.  Then, if you make parole, you must sign away all the work-time and good-time you might have gotten so that you can’t sue the state to get it back.  Texas remains one of the few states that don’t pay its prisoners … but … someone is getting paid … from Texas Transportation Code

Sec. 504.006. COST OF MANUFACTURING. (a) The department shall reimburse the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for the cost of manufacturing license plates as the invoices for the license plates are delivered to the department.

(b) When manufacturing is started, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the department, after negotiation, shall set the price to be paid for each license plate. The price must be determined from:

(1) the cost of metal, paint, and other materials purchased;

(2) the inmate maintenance cost per shift;

(3) overhead expenses;

(4) miscellaneous charges; and

(5) a previously agreed upon amount of profit for the work.

It seems to me that the maintenance cost per shit is already paid since the guards are already employed.  The tax payers are already paying for just about all the overhead, and I’d like to know what “miscellaneous charges” there are.  The real killer though is that last line “previously agreed upon amount of profit for the work”  Exactly who is collecting this profit?  The inmates aren’t and they are doing the work.  Who’s pockets are getting filled here?

I’ll rant more about the prison pipeline at another date.


I recently heard of a study that claimed an ad-free Internet would cost the users $230 per year.  Twenty years ago, we were talking about how the Internet was the last outpost of freedom where we could publish what we want, link to what we want, and say what we want, with no stupid television commercials.  There weren’t many .com’s back then, and the www (world-wide-web) was brand new.

Today we have ads everywhere, and not just the ones you see.  Almost every page you read is tracking everything you do through scripts and “Web Bugs” and then selling that information to marketers.  Don’t believe me?  The site you are now reading is tracking your usage (and my typing most likely) through at least two companies; Qualaroo and Kiss Metrics.  Big Brother Is Watching!

Sites like Facebook and Twitter place “like” buttons all over the net.  Do you think that’s for your convenience?  Every time your web browser fetches that image of the button, facebook’s servers make note of your IP address and what site you were on when you made the request, and thats at a minimum.  They can add cookies to track even more information.  All these free services and free websites aren’t exactly free.  The thing is, they aren’t selling a product to you because you are the product they are selling!

That $230 isn’t the cost of the internet.  It’s the revenue these places would lose if the ad-machine were stopped.  It’s what they are making on each and every one of us.  The internet was free before .com and before online advertising.

Now the corporations want to decide what you can access and what you can’t by destroying Net Neutrality.  Find out more.  Take a stand!

Sign These Petitions – Have a Voice – Take A Stand

  1. Save The Internet
  2. Fight For The Future
  3. Save Net Neutrality
  4. Battle For The Net





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